Marketing for your car business



success-thoughtsIf you have already decided to enter the digital world and take your car business to a whole new level, here are some tips from experts in digital marketing so that your brand does not devalue on the digital world, but rather is conducive to exponential growth .


Online marketing is an essential part of your automotive marketing, you must understand that the digital world is dynamic, it is constantly changing, so actions aimed at this type of marketing must be laid out in a strategic plan whose main characteristic is consistency.

  1. 1. Connect effectively with potential online customers

 Many auto dealers or sellers do not know how to turn people who visit your website into potential customers It is necessary, in order to make the conversion, that visitors find themselves with a wake-up call such as filling out a form or subscribing, so it is a good idea to provide them with some valuable content in exchange, such as a buying guide for Cars, or click to get a special promotional offer.

2. Keep your social media pages updated

It is too tiring to try to have presence on all platforms, in all social networks, that is why you should choose only those networks where as a seller you can find your potential customers, the recommendation is to have two and distribute quality content in these.

A page, stagnant or empty social networks, give the perception that the business is in the same circumstances in the real world.

3. Automated marketing

An automated marketing solution can help you keep your pages up-to-date, without having to manually update them all the time.

Another good idea is to schedule posts in social networks in advance so that they are published with a certain periodicity.

 Automated Marketing also allows you to store the profile of each customer, store their preferences, their purchase history, among other data, this information will be used to send personalized promotional messages and maintenance reminders at the exact moment, in addition to many Points in question of customer satisfaction.

4. Respond quickly to online comments-

In the same way that you would follow up quickly with a question or customer complaint in person, the same should be done in the virtual world.

  1. Relate to the customer

It is simpler and cheaper to sell several times to the same customer than to sell one to several times. The best way to keep a client captive is to maintain a relationship with him. The interaction must be bidirectional. Communicating actively with your online customers shows that your car dealership is active and committed to your customers, and that you value the opinions of your customers.

One tip you will not find in books or in marketing post, but that will undoubtedly give an incredible boost to your marketing and customer service actions is to check a book called The Happiness Advantage, as its name says, is An unlimited advantage that allows you to learn to live and relate in a new way through a constant positive attitude that is given inside but it is noticeable on the outside, and most important, permeates the way you manage your marketing.

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Content and promotional It is a good idea to give something in exchange for people following you on social networks, this will make them aware of what you do to take advantage of anything that can benefit them, for example, coupons, automotive maintenance tips, Industry, whitepapers, among others.Do not forget to make videos. Videos are some of the most attractive things you can put on your website and social media pages. They are attractive, informative and interesting for their car customers, plus they reach out to more people.

6. Offer Special Marketing Promotions.

Another way to involve customers is through contests or dynamics. You can easily promote your contests, coupons and car sales on your website and on your social media pages.

7. Integral Marketing .

For digital marketing to be functional it must be a joint and congruent effort you must have the same communicational tone in your web, your social networks and in your point of sale. Online and offline marketing should go hand in hand in the same way.

Why Run An Online Car Business?

online businessFor many prospective business owners, there is an important question that needs to be asked before they get started building their business online: what is their motivation for wanting to run an online service, and, specifically, an online car business, something akin to USHIP?

Here are a few of the top reasons.

Ability to Work from Home

The first and often the primary driver for many online business owners is that having a web-based service business allows you to work from home.

This will in turn allow you to be more effective with your day, since you no longer have to deal with the daily commute or inefficient office processes mandated by your corporate governance.

Instead, you can focus all of your time on building your business, which will enable you to achieve more success, faster.

Ability to Set Your Own Schedule

In addition to being able to work from home, running your own website business, especially in the auto niche, allows you to set your own schedule for when to work.

While there is no question that building a business (any business) is going to be a full time effort, the ability to choose where and when you work, and, importantly, when you don’t work, is essential.

Low Overhead

Thirdly, working from home and running an online auto shop means you have extremely low overhead. You no longer have to staff that receptionist full time, just to have someone ready to answer the door in case a customer walks in.

In fact, you don’t have to have an office at all! Outsource many of your tasks, and you can reduce your staffing needs drastically, cutting your fixed costs compared to most offline businesses!

Easy to Scale and Grow

Last but most certainly not least, online businesses are often easier to scale and grow than their offline counterparts.

This is especially true in the auto industry, where you can take advantage of the long tail, and online marketing concept allowing you to cater to thousands of very small, niche searches and customer needs, without needing to worry about your inventory or other logistical issues.

Compare that to a car lot with 100-200 cars on it, and you’ll find you’ll be able to better meet your customers’ needs, which will translate to faster, more sustainable growth in the long run!